Marine Ceramic Coating – 300 ml

seals painted or non-painted yachts, motorboats, sailing boats and sport boats with glass-like protective layer which chemically binds to the surface, and thus maintains its outstanding durability. It gives excellent and extra long-lasting protection against scratches, oxidation, UV-light, chemicals, graffiti and other environmental influences. The product achieves brilliant, deep shine and an impressive water-beading effect. If necessary, the CS-CERAMIC COATING can be removed after curing through machine polishing. CS-CERAMIC COATING can be applied on gelcoat, painted and non-painted boat parts and metal parts.

• Long-term glass-like professional sealant for all marine vessels

• Suitable for gelcoat, composites and painted and non-painted surfaces

• Super hydrophobic surface / extreme water beading effect

• Deeper colour and shine on glossy surfaces

• Resistant to UV, oxidation and weathering

• Optimised surface smoothness and feel

• Improved scratch resistance

• Easy-to-clean effect

• Outstanding durability

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